Aluminum die-casting auto parts

Editor:浙江诸利安电器股份有限公司 │ Release Time:2020-03-31 

Using magnesium alloy die-casting products, magnesium alloy die-casting parts have been applied to automobiles as early as 25 years ago, and have become a customer actively pursuing aluminum applications. In the next five or ten years, you will see more More and more high-volume mass-market vehicles will use all-aluminum bodies. This mainly includes local original equipment manufacturers. Due to stricter fuel economy and displacement standards in the future, in order to meet these regulations, auto parts manufacturers will eventually adopt aluminum products on a large scale. The aluminum industry is increasing the output of auto parts to meet growing demand.

In fact, fuel economy is not a reason why auto parts manufacturers want to use more aluminum products. The second leading factor is the corrosion resistance and strong collision performance of aluminum products. Aluminum can absorb twice as much collision energy as steel. With the accelerated development of aluminum applications, the auto parts industry and the aluminum industry also face some challenges. Some high-strength steel products are difficult to repair. Other demand for aluminum is expected to come from the growing electric vehicle industry. Although the price of aluminum is expensive, he believes that compared with high-strength steel, aluminum will There is still an advantage, because it is difficult to reduce the weight of the car using only high-strength steel.